Senior Engineering Technician
Farnborough area, UK
Full Time
Travel required: Yes
Reporting to: Technical Program Manager
Salary: Negotiable depending on experience.

The Role

The Engineering Technician will support Blue Ocean Seismic Services Limited
innovative robotic seismic acquisition technology development program. This
role assists the engineering team with the manufacture of prototypes,
commercial units and test setup, ensuring that safe working practices are
followed, and high-quality workmanship is produced to the appropriate

Blue Ocean Seismic Services Background

Blue Ocean Seismic Services (Blue Ocean) is an innovative maritime robotics
focussed technology company with significant shareholders including BP and
Our vision is to disrupt the marine seismic industry through the development and
commercialisation of a large-scale autonomous ocean bottom seismic data
acquisition system, driving a step change reduction in the cost, time, HSE risks and
environmental impact associated with acquiring high quality marine seismic data.
These reductions in survey cost make ocean bottom seismic attainable to a broader
range of customers including for carbon capture and storage (CCS) and offshore
wind farm site survey applications. By significantly reducing the carbon footprint of
seismic surveys our technology assists clients in their push towards a net-zero
Blue Ocean’s revolutionary integrated seismic acquisition system is based around
large numbers of intelligent, long endurance, uncrewed underwater vehicles
These Blue Ocean developed UUVs are capable of multiple autonomous seabed
repositions to allow rapid, remote repositioning of deployed seabed receiver arrays
without the need to recover and redeploy by ROV. This, in combination with
automated launch, recovery & handling systems, rapid deployment/recovery, and
intelligent system control, allows for optimisation of seismic acquisition survey
operations and removes the requirement for ROV vessel support.
We are a dynamic, friendly, diverse, and inclusive workplace and welcome all
applications. We consider safety and security a priority.

Required Experience & Qualifications

  • The successful candidate will ideally be qualified in Electronics or a
    similar discipline or will already be working at Senior Technician
  • Experienced in manufacturing and assembling electrical / electronic
    and mechanical modules with high standards.
  • Experienced in wire preparation, crimping, PCB soldering
  • Able to work from detailed assembly drawings, wiring diagrams,
    written specifications and verbal instructions.
  • Visually inspecting parts and assemblies for defects and dimensions
    and repairing any defects, if possible.
  • Able to select and use hand tools, soldering equipment, jigs, fixtures
    and testing devices.
  • Good problem solving, communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work both autonomously and within a team to creatively
    solve problems and take concepts through to deployed products.
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office packages


Desirable Qualifications & Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in science and engineering (Electrical Engineering,
    Physics or similar).
  • Knowledge of ERP systems.
  • Experienced in flashing firmware to processors.
  • Experienced in the assembly of hydraulic systems and waterproof

General responsibilities:

  • Assembly and test of electro-mechanical equipment.
  • Lead a small team of technicians (temporary or permanent staff)
    during the assembly of prototypes.
  • Scheduling assembly work and plan kits availability for the team.
  • Support the R&D department during product development
    assembling test setup and participating to the execution of those
  • Contribute to the preparation of assembling instructions.
  • Implement quality control.
  • Communicating any problems or obstacles to senior management.
  • Participate to sea trials when required