Project Support Engineer
Farnborough area, UK
Full Time
Travel required: <15%
Reporting to: BOSS TPM

The Role

The Project Support Engineer will support Blue Ocean Seismic Services Limited (‘BOSS’) innovative robotic seismic acquisition technology development program. This role supports the Technical Program Manager (TPM) with developing documents, managing development phases, resources, RFI and RFQ requirements and project schedules.

BOSS Background

Boss  is an innovative tech start up with strong shareholders including BP and Woodside. Our vision is to disrupt the Marine Seismic industry through the development of a large-scale autonomous ocean bottom seismic data acquisition system, resulting in a step change reduction in the cost, time and HSSE risks required to acquire high quality OBS data. We help our clients to reduce their carbon emissions and their carbon footprint.

BOSS is developing a revolutionary, integrated seismic acquisition system based around long endurance, self-repositioning robotic ocean bottom nodes.

These nodes are capable of multiple autonomous re-positions to allow rolling of the receiver array without having to recover and redeploy nodes. This, in combination with automated handling systems, rapid deployment/recovery and intelligent system control, allows for optimisation of seismic acquisition survey operations to minimise duration and cost, and removes the requirement for ROV support.

Required Experience & Qualifications

• The ideal candidate will possess good experience in project management support, experience with complex and large-scale technology projects and helping to improve processes and procedures.
• High level of professional competence and knowledge of principles and techniques commonly used in hardware & software development and qualification.
• Bachelor’s degree in engineering disciplines or equivalent.
• Successfully supported the delivery of aggressive project deliverables and timelines.
• Experience in core project management disciplines including scope, schedule, budget and quality.
• Experience in the use of ERP/MRP systems and interfacing with procurement departments.
• Must be well organized, flexible, and able to work effectively under time pressure.
• Experience in working with multi-function, highly technical project teams.
• Exceptional communication, and presentation skills.
• Experience with writing project development requirements & specifications.
• Demonstrated a willingness to innovate, solve complex problems and to learn new skills and techniques.
• Proficiency with Jira, MS Office, and MS SharePoint.

Desirable Qualifications & Experience

• Master’s Degree or advanced professional degree.
• Experience in the development of subsea technologies and/or seismic acquisition technologies
• Experience in the operational department of a manufacturing environment.

General responsibilities:

The Project Support engineer will be responsible for supporting the TPM developing innovative robotic seismic acquisition technologies.
This position will require the application of systems, hardware, and software engineering principles and prototype manufacturing operation management.
You will support the TPM dealing with project planning, managing resources, procurement processes and daily operational tasks.
You will support the engineering team with the organization behind the installation of test equipment or behind tests to be performed at third party facilities or at sea.
You must also be comfortable working with remote teams and possess the ability to facilitate technical sessions to troubleshoot project development issues and remove barriers to program success.
You will help to facilitate continuous improvement and setting up new procedures in the most efficient way.

Specific responsibilities include, to lead the following project components:

• Program documentation, planning, scheduling & resource allocation
• Budgeting & cost management
• Tracking program progress against key milestones
• Regularly reporting on program status to TPM and CTO
• Serving as the cross-functional interface between development teams
• Interfacing with project partners as required