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The concept behind using Autonomous Underwater Vehicles for seismic purposes was started in 2017 when Blue Ocean Monitoring Ltd and Woodside Energy Limited jointly funded a development project.

The initial trials were encouraging, and the decision was made to develop the concept further. Blue Ocean Seismic Services Limited was formed with Blue Ocean Monitoring and Woodside as initial shareholders.

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Following an extensive period of research & development, bp ventures joined Blue Ocean Monitoring and Woodside in a Series A funding round to secure the development to pre-commercial stage. All three investors are actively involved in developing the technology and are represented at Board level.

Based in Farnborough, UK with an additional small engineering team in Perth, Blue Ocean Seismic Services is committed to developing and operating low cost autonomous underwater seismic acquisition nodes for highly cost-effective and low carbon emission surveys.   Contact us for more information.

The company is led by Simon Illingworth who has extensive experience in developing and commercialising cutting-edge technology globally. Chief Technology Officer Ben Hollings is one of the original inventors/developers of the concept (along with Dr. Fabio Mancini of Woodside). Ben has many years of experience in underwater autonomous systems and their applications.

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